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Who We Are

Our Vision is Athletic Performance and Achievement

Redefine Your Performance. In sport, career and in life.

At Saltus, our vision is to empower and educate your performance journey, unleashing your potential and redefining your success story.

Our role is to cultivate physical literacy and inspire you to elevate your mindset and achieve your goals. Whether you’re an aspiring athlete or pursuing a performance-driven life in other avenues, our science-driven training methods help you stay injury-free while striving for greatness.

From our elite-level trainers, to our athletes, to anyone who walks through our doors, our culture of discipline, excellence, and hard work is the heartbeat of Saltus. It’s the guiding force that propels our community towards success while ensuring the journey is as enjoyable as the outcome. Join the Saltus community where everyone can unleash their potential and redefine what their body and mind are truly capable of achieving.

Sean Del Ben - head saltus performance coach instructing athletes

Meet Our Coaches

A photo of Sean Del Ben - head trainer at Saltus Performance

Sean Del Ben – President & Coach


With a passion for helping athletes achieve their athletic performance goals, Sean founded Saltus Performance. Our vision is to develop physically and mentally well-rounded, fundamentally sound athletes via scientifically proven strength & conditioning training.

Sean has experience working with athletes from the elite youth athletes to the NCAA Division 1, CIS, National and Professional Level athletes in sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, rugby, hockey, swimming, track & field, rowing, karate, and triathlon.

He has also had the opportunity of participating in the annual fitness testing for the Vancouver Canucks. Sean has been a contributing writer for NorthPoleHoops, and is the strength & conditioning coach for West Point Grey Academy.

Other qualifications:

  • Functional Movement Screen Lvl. 2
  • Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist
  • Running Mechanics Professional Lvl. 2

Max Stanton – Director of Performance


Max completed his BSc in Kinesiology at UFV, before going on to complete his Master in Kinesiology degree at UBC. Max joins Saltus with over 10 years of experience, including 5 years with the Vancouver Whitecaps as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. Over his career, Max has worked with individuals from a variety of sports & abilities, from youth to adult, and

Max’s main passions are in end-stage rehab, and athlete development
using a data-driven approach. His main goal is to use a well-designed
training program combining strength, power, and mobility built to an
individual’s needs allowing them to participate in and excel at the activities they love to do.

If you missed Max in the gym, he is probably out for a run, biking, or
out snowboarding.

A photo of Leo Gonzalez Ando - Coach at Saltus Performance

Leo Gonzalez Ando – Coach


Leo graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Science and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA-CSCS). Leo’s extensive competitive background in soccer and track and field has inspired him to pursue his passion for athletic development and injury prevention. 

Leo looks forward to helping Saltus Performance athletes achieve their highest sporting potential via fundamental and specific training principles. Leo has completed and internship with the Simon Fraser University Varsity S&C program where he helped to monitor and train athletes, and has worked as an athletic trainer with the student-athletes from St. George’s Senior School. His experience there has taught him that good trainers and coaches play a significant role in paving a sustainable path for athletic success and healthy lives.

A photo of Tom Clifford - Coach at Saltus Performance

Tom Clifford – Coach


Tom attended the University of Gloucestershire in the UK and graduated with a Master of Science in Applied Sport and Exercise Science. While completing his Master’s, he worked with elite and professional athletes from various sports, including Bobsleigh, Skeleton and Soccer.

After graduating, Tom desired to explore the world, experience different cultures and work internationally within the industry. His travels have led him to spend time in Australia, Singapore, and Calgary. Tom worked with various athletes and sports, ranging from Professional Rugby Union and League players in Australia to Ice Hockey athletes in Calgary.

Over the years, Toms’ coaching philosophy and principles have developed into helping to maximize athletic potential and improve results in the sporting arena where it counts, including working with athletes to increase their acceleration and speed. With attention to the specific details and movement patterns required, Toms’ philosophy focuses on addressing imbalances, preventing injury and improving acceleration and change of direction.


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