High-Performance athletic testing in Vancouver

High-Performance Athletic Testing starts with the advancements in technology, such as timing gates & force platforms. Using these technologies and scientific studies, researchers have been able to develop multiple athletic profiles. These profiles include characteristics such as necessary strength, power, acceleration, change of direction, & energy demands.

Our coaches can review baseline measurements and assess where an athlete’s strengths & weaknesses are. Then, after your high-performance athletic testing, you can have a custom-designed training program that will drive success on your field or court. 

Point Grey performance training


High-Performance Athletic testing is essential to an athlete’s journey at Saltus Performance. Regular monitoring of physical fitness and sport-specific performance is crucial in increasing the likelihood of success in competition.

It allows a coach to build the athlete profile and better understand where an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses lie, what to focus on in the short and long-term training plans and where they stand compared to key performance indicators. It also provides feedback on how an athlete has progressed throughout training.

What metrics do we test & why are they important

Our comprehensive performance testing protocols assess key performance indicators of sport, an athlete’s ability to accelerate, change direction, maximal power and force-producing capabilities. 

10-metre sprint: A measure of acceleration and change of velocity over 10m.

30-metre sprint:  A measure of acceleration into max velocity.

5-0-5 Change of direction: Measurement of how an athlete can change direction through a 180-degree turn on their left and right side.

Countermovement Jump: A measure of explosive power and utilizing stretch-shortening cycle. 

Squat Jump: A measure of explosive power, assessing primarily concentric qualities.

Elastic Utilisation Ratio: The difference between CMJ height and Squat Jump height. Typically, the CMJ should be more significant by around 10%; if less than this, it means you don’t utilize the stretch-shortening cycle of tendons very well, so you need to focus on plyometrics and jumps. If greater than 10%, you are very elastic. It would be best if you increased your strength.

Reactive Strength Index: Identifies your efficiency in storing and releasing energy through the lower limbs. A higher score means success in many sporting tasks like sprinting, jumping and cutting. Athletic populations should aim for 2.00+.

Isometric Mid Thigh Pull: A maximal isometric strength test measuring how much force the lower body can produce.

Dynamic Strength Index: A comparison of your maximal force production and ballistic force production. A low DSI score (<0.6) means the training program should focus on ballistic and plyometric work. A moderate score (0.6-0.8) indicates that a mixture of strength and ballistic training is required. And a high DSI score (>0.8) highlights the athlete needs to focus on maximal strength and force production.

Our testing equipment:

ForceDecks Dual Force Plate System

The Force Decks measure, train and monitor strength with ForceDecks. It is the world’s fastest, easiest and most powerful dual plate system for analyzing neuromuscular strength and imbalance. In addition, Force Decks provide auto-analyzed results in real-time.

SmartSpeed Timing Gate System

This timing gate system is an accurate and reliable laser timing gate for a range of speed and agility tests.

More reliable than Dual Beam systems, which can register false triggers, SmartSpeed technology uses Single Beam with Error Correction Processing (ECP).

It is integrated with the SmartSpeed app which scans your gates for a straightforward setup that allows you to run training sessions effortlessly.

DynaMo - Handheld Strength & ROM

DynaMo allows you to perform more than 300 strength and range of motion tests with ease, view results in real-time and seamlessly track results over time.

With a variety of smart attachments that unlock hundreds of strength and movement assessments, the DynaMo is an innovative handheld dynamometer and inclinometer designed to suit the everyday needs of modern exercise professionals.

Teams/organizations have we tested

RAVENS U15, U19 & mens

St George’s School - Rowing Team

UBC Thunder Baseball

West Point Grey Academy

Split Second Basketball


Private | Full-Testing Session


Drop-in Group Testing Session


*This is offered once/month

Team testing session

*This varies according to the team requirements

For team testings, we customize each testing session according to the needs of the sport. Drop us an inquiry and our team of coaches will provide you with a quote curated to your team’s requirements.