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I never used to workout a lot, because I just use to play basketball all the time and never did any weight training at all. Since I’ve got back from my season in Europe, I’ve been doing a lot of training with Sean, and it just helped me get a lot stronger, quicker, faster, and jump higher.
Joey Haywood
Professional Basketball Player
Image of Joey Haywood. Basketball Client of Saltus Performance
Image of Alex Coote. Basketball Client of Saltus Performance. Provided with a testimonial.
I got stronger and quicker, but when I started training with Saltus, I was beating people to the ball more and getting steals and things that I never used to get. It got me a confidence in my game that I didn’t have before that. Saltus is something that will definitely benefit the player without taking away from club basketball.
Alex Coote
Westen University, BC Provincial MVP, 'A' Basketball
Training with Saltus Athletic Academy really compliments other clubs. Strength and conditioning with Saltus has been the best training I’ve had in my young career. Sean taught me everything I need to know about weightlifting, and told me how to lift safely.
Mindy Minhas
BC Provincial MVP, 'AAAA' Basketball
Image of Mindy Minhas. Basketball Client of Saltus Performance. Provided with a testimonial.
Image of Harry Liu. Basketball Client of Saltus Performance. Provided with a testimonial.
I started working out but because I had no guidance on my form and routine, I decided to approach Saltus. After I joined Saltus, I started to see myself push heavier weights while improving my form, which kept me healthy and more importantly injury free. My following senior HS season was the best I’ve had so far. On court, I felt quicker and slimmer all while being able to back down defenders more easily. What separated my experience with Saltus from other academies is that they always have qualified coaches supervising workouts, answering any questions I have an ensuring proper form while helping me become the best player I can be. I would recommend Saltus to all basketball players looking to improve both their athleticism and their skill to take their game to the next level.
Harry Liu
Lanagara College Basketball, PACWEST Rookie of the Year
I approached Saltus because after finishing my NCAA career, I needed someone qualified as a strength & conditioning coach and that also had similar beliefs as the coaches that I had while playing NCAA D1 basketball, and Saltus came highly recommended from a trusted friend. In between college basketball and the first couple of years of my professional career, I had some injuries. Saltus helped me get my body back strong and healthy on top of posting personal records in the weight room. Maintaining my off-season gains while in-season has been huge for me. I’ve had my best seasons as a basketball player since going to Saltus in the summer. My body feels strong and healthy at the end of the season when other players are falling apart. One thing I like about Saltus is the back and forth feedback between coach and athlete. In my opinion, this is crucial in order to know how hard to push or if we need to cut back, so we don’t cause any injuries. I would recommend everyone to Saltus, whether you’re an aspiring athlete, professional, or just a regular person trying to get in shape.
Diego Kapelan
Professional Basketball Player
Image of Diego Kapelan. Basketball Client of Saltus Performance. Provided with a testimonial.
Image of Skyler MacDonald. Basketball Client of Saltus Performance. Provided with a testimonial.
I approached Saltus because my brother had been going for a while, and was really enjoying it. I struggled with knee pain and seen a lot of girls who had torn their ACL. I started Saltus with the hope of doing what I could to try and help myself with my knee pain, and give myself a better chance to prevent further knee injuries. What I have found since joining is that in addition to helping with the pain I was experiencing, I am learning proper techniques in my movements, landings, and all of the other things that happen to your knees in a basketball game. Saltus has helped me a lot. Not only do I have more confidence in my movement on the court, but it is helping me understand all of the strength & conditioning that I will need to work on in order to be able to play after high school. I would recommend Saltus to all girls who are playing sports, and especially at a high level. Saltus tailor’s the sessions for girls, and the exercises that we need – as they can be different from the needs of boys. I think too many girls aren’t giving enough attention to how strength & conditioning can help with both injury prevention and overall performance.
Skyler MacDonald
High school Basketball Player
I approached Saltus about 4 years ago off of a recommendation from a friend. As a serious rugby player, Saltus has helped me the most with injury prevention and recovery from injury. I have noticed tons of results from Saltus that have helped me achieve all of my goals which I would not have been able to achieve without them. I love the atmosphere in the weight room. The coaches and all of the athletes that I have worked with are all amazing people who are extremely supportive. My experience has been great. I look forward to each session. I would recommend Saltus to just about everyone with a will to work and get better at what they do, or even just to get in shape.
Dexter MacDonald
High school rugby & basketball
Image of Dexter MacDonald. Basketball and Rugby client of Saltus Performance. Provided with a testimonial.
Image of Anthony Lam. Basketball Client of Saltus Performance. Provided with a testimonial.
I spend the majority of my day sitting/standing in front of a computer. I also play on a few teams on a weekly basis. Routinely training with Saltus has really helped me avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Their challenges keep me mentally sharp and engaged. Physically, I’m also more ready to perform at a higher level as well.
Anthony Lam
Weekend basketball Warrior
With 2 ACL tears, Saltus is the main reason I am still able to play basketball semi-competitively today. Prior to meeting Sean, I was losing confidence due to constant knee and ankle sprains, and considered “retirement” from the game I love at age 28. Sean was the 5th trainer I’ve worked with, and I never looked for another one since (almost 2 years). He is extremely knowledgeable in basketball-related performance improvement and rehab. I saw immediate results after 2 lower body workouts. I shed both of my ankle braces after 4 sessions and never needed them since. My knees are stronger than even before my ACL injuries, because he challenges and understands my limits better than I do. He understands what muscle is needed for which specific movement, and targets his training specifically for that muscle group very efficiently. One thing I admire most about Saltus is their genuine passion to improve the quality of youth basketball in Vancouver through their “American-collegiate style” strength training programs. I often see our city’s top high school and UBC athletes train with Saltus, even after they have turned pro. Give Saltus a try for 2 sessions and I am confident you will see immediate results.
Charles Tung
Weekend basketball Warrior
Image of Charles Tung. Basketball Client of Saltus Performance. Provided with a testimonial.
Image of Geoff Pippus. Basketball Client of Saltus Performance. Provided with a testimonial.
I approached Saltus based on a previous relationship with Miguel Olfato in order to transition from several years away from competitive sport into playing basketball again at the university level. Strength training with Saltus made that transition possible and has helped me to develop strength and explosiveness while also contributing to injury prevention. Without the help of Sean and Miguel I would not be able to compete at the level I can today. Every workout is functional and tailored to both sport specific movements and my individual needs. Miguel is adaptable, knowledgeable, and encouraging and is passionate about helping his athletes strive for their peak performance. By working with small groups, individual instruction and corrections are possible which helps to ensure safe and maximally beneficial training. I would recommend strength training at Saltus to any athlete who is serious about working hard and putting in the time to improve in their sport. Saltus provides the environment and resources necessary to train at the highest levels.
Geoff Pippus
University of Alberta Golden Bears basketball
Saltus has helped me improve my running mechanics. With hard work on the details, they have pushed me to become a much more explosive athlete than I ever was. I was overall able to improve in all aspects of my athleticism such as strength and explosiveness. Everyone is incredibly friendly and you get the chance to work with like minded people who want to get better. Saltus is a place where you will prioritize doing things correctly and efficiently .
Josh Edra
High school track and basketball athlete
Image of Josh Edra. Basketball and High School track Client of Saltus Performance. Provided with a testimonial.
Image of Elyad Shojaei Soccer Client of Saltus Performance. Provided with a testimonial.
I approached Saltus because I wanted to improve the physical aspect of my game. Saltus helped me tremendously in terms of improving my strength and physicality. Just one or two years ago I was one of the weakest players on my team, but after consistently working with Saltus’ coaches I am now among the strongest. After coming to Saltus I have seen a great improvement in my performance as I no longer struggle with the physical aspect of the game. Saltus has also helped me remain injury free and always fit and ready to play. A great thing about Saltus is the intensity of the sessions. The coaches at Saltus do a great job putting together a great workout every time, and after each session I really feel challenged from the different workouts we do. They are very persistent and are always pushing us. There is a great competitive atmosphere inside the weight room which pushes you and improves your athleticism much faster than other atmospheres. I would recommend Saltus to people with big athletic ambitions and goals. The training at Saltus is second to none in this city and is a great place for people who want to achieve something exceptional in their athletic careers.
Elyad Shojaei
Aspiring professional soccer player
I approached Saltus because I wanted to become stronger, quicker, more explosive, and overall a better athlete. I needed to improve my speed, sprints, running mechanics, and lifting technique because I wanted to get stronger and better conditioned for university basketball. Saltus has helped me become a better athlete and a better basketball player thanks to my improved athletic abilities such as strength, speed, and explosiveness. I also got much stronger which helps me dominate competition. My running has improved and I am now way faster and I have more stamina and durability. I really enjoy the workouts and specific lifts for my sport, but more importantly I love the support and encouragement of the staff and the relationships that I have made with them as they help me achieve my goals. My experience at Saltus has been great in regard to how I have improved and have worked hard to achieve my goals of becoming more fit and athletic. I would recommend Saltus to athletes of any age and sport, but also to people who are looking to improve their health and fitness.
Luka Zaherijevic
Professional basketball player
Image of Luka Zaherijevic. Basketball Client of Saltus Performance. Provided with a testimonial.
Image of Lambert Pajayon. Basketball Client of Saltus Performance. Provided with a testimonial.
I approached Saltus as a tenth grader playing senior ball. I needed to gain strength and speed due to the fast pace and physicality that senior basketball brings. Saltus helped me figure out the parts of my body that needed work in order to improve my overall athletic ability. For example, my hips were very tight which limited my lateral quickness. I received amazing results since training with Saltus. I am more explosive which enables me to beat my defender. I am able to have sudden bursts of speed which is very valuable in the sport of basketball. In the summer of grade 11 I was able to throw down my first dunk thanks to Saltus. One thing I like about Saltus is the environment that it brings. Everyone that you are working out with has the same goal which is to get better. This makes competitive drills such as sprints more fun, as well as getting out of your comfort zone by trying to out lift some of your training buddies. I found my experience with Saltus very useful. Beforehand I didn’t realize how much strength and conditioning can help enhance my basketball performance. Now I realize that strength and conditioning helps my game tremendously. I would strongly recommend that basketball players, especially those with a small stature, to try Saltus. Having just completed my rookie season of college ball, and being only 5’10, teams are looking to post you up since they think there is a mismatch. Being able to hold your ground as well as not getting pushed around on the court will help you get through the rigorous season as well as not being a defensive liability.
Lambert Pajayon
Douglas College basketball
I’ve had friends who currently play high level sports who spoke very highly for Saltus and Miguel. I was diagnosed with patellar teondonitis on my left and right knees. Miguel was able to strengthen my lower body, eliminating my knee pain, and giving me back some of the athleticism I once had a few years ago. Saltus has been great! I really like how the trainers are really there for the athletes and not just to make money. My experience with Saltus has been awesome. There’s been progression every step of the way!
Ryan Tom
Weekend basketball Warrior
Image of Ryan Tom. Basketball Client of Saltus Performance. Provided with a testimonial.
Image of Dr. Tony McDougall. Parent of Saltus Performance. Provided with a testimonial.
I first came to know Saltus because they were doing something unique in strength & conditioning; training youth athletes with weights. After meeting them and seeing what they did, how they accomplished this, and hearing their guiding philosophy, I knew that they were doing things right. Beter. My profession involves treating injuries, as well as trying to prevent them. I also have kids that play sports. The guys at Saltus have helped patients of mine become more resilient and athletic, as well as turn my kids into faster, more explosive, and stronger-than-they-look athletes. Injuries happen, but knowing ahead of time what might be your weak link, and working on it, is a powerful injury prevention strategy. The team at Saltus teaches the kids to understand this, how to move better, and then strengthens them in an age appropriate way. I love Saltus’ commitment to excellence, to offer the best instruction and the most effective training tools and methods, including the use of innovative equipment like the Kbox. My experience with Saltus has been top notch. Nothing more satisfying than seeing results. I would recommend them to anyone, at any age, wanting to increase their athleticism and make themselves more resilient to injury.
Dr. Tony McDougall
Chiropractor and parent of Saltus athletes

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