Why should you train with focused intent?

Achieve Goals
& Have Fun

Be competitive in sport at any age. Playing your best gets you into a 'flow state', or in 'the zone'. Every sport is more fun when you are in the zone.

Remain Healthy

Nagging injuries become more common as you age. Performance training helps to keep you functioning optimally. Put up a fight against Father Time.

Increased Athleticism

Athletes who want to jump higher, sprint faster, cut harder, and be unmovable need to train hard. Plain and simple. It is never too late to relive your glory days.

Look & Feel Better

Proper training regulates your hormones to keep your energy up. Hard work also helps build a physique that will make you feel confident

How do I get started?

Step 1: Book High Performance Testing

High-Performance Athletic testing is essential to an athlete’s journey at Saltus Performance. Regular monitoring of physical fitness and sport-specific performance is crucial increasing the likelihood success in competition.

Step 2: Book A Private Training Session

We suggest starting with 1-3 private training sessions to ensure you have a strong grasp of the fundamentals prior to beginning group training. If you enjoy the 1-on-1 attention, you can continue with private training.


Together, we’ll discuss & determine the best training plan for your goals & budget. We have private, semi-private, group, and online training options.

Prefer to Train in a Group?

Join our Adult Performance training groups, where you can have fun, keep each other accountable, and be #SaltusBuilt together. We welcome trainees of all abilities, regardless of the goal.

Need corporate solutions?

Have an entire company that wants to get better? No problem! We provide mobile and in-facility training services for companies looking to develop healthier and more productive employees.