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Training Load

Your training load is important whether you are a high-performance athlete, weekend warrior, or enjoy the occasional sport session for health. What is a training load, you may ask? You may have been fed conflicting information on how much is too little or too much training to reduce your risk of injury. “Don’t overtrain yourself

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Off-Season Training Part 2

Following on from last month’s blog, Off-Season Training Part 1, where we outlined the basic principles and thought process behind the evolution of off-season training, the progression from general to specific and typical focus points of the general preparation phase. This month we’re diving into more depth about the next phase, the specific preparation phase.

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Off-Season Training Part 1

For many athletes, spring and summer are normally the off-season. It provides athletes of sports like Hockey, Rugby and Basketball, to take some time off, wind down and relax from the challenges of their sports season. While it is important to wind down during this period, it doesn’t mean we spend 3 months sitting in

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RESOURCES FOR PARENTS At Saltus Performance, we emphasize developing the youth athletes’ ability to safely sprint, jump, throw, and lift. These physical attributes should be utilized and emphasized differently depending on the athletes’ training age and biological age. Long-term Athlete Development (LTAD) is about training for athletic longevity. The benefits of LTAD include: Reduced risk


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